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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning. the top stories we are following on this tuesday, december 4th. all muni lines are back up and running this morning after a underground service came to a halt last night. following developing stories out of the middle east. where i ran claims it has captured an american droned details ahead. >> we do have rain on the rise in. i will show you satellite and radar in just a moment. temperatures are in the '50s but the rain is expected to arrive letter on this afternoon's. this will continue to pick up as we head into the evening hours. satellite and radar shows that the moisture is here settled around your rica and
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clover dealt. it is a slow mover and what is actually happening is that the high pressure is changing its periods we do expect rain overnight and will head into tomorrow morning. the s showers will taper off as we head into thursday. full details on what she should expect coming up. >> as we move into the 6:00 hour we are seeing a buildup at the bay bridge. there are no commute concerns this morning. you have nothing to worry about. we have had no major incidents in we are not tracking any hot spots. the only slow traffic is for highway 4 and interstate 580. it is sold through antioch. >> new this morning muni metro trains are up and running a gang. full service is expected for the morning
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commute. that's after a power outage not out all the underground train service last night. a blown transformer near the van ness station was the cause of outage. riders were released this morning to hear the latest development. >> i called to see what was on on this morning but i have not seen the show up. if that were not want to come about just have to walk. i'm still waiting. >> four fire stations across contra costa county will close in early january after voters rejected a measure that would have funded the stations. to get 2 more news
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faster we turn to kron 4 is so low reporter jacki sizzle who joins us live from fire station no. 4 in walnut creek which is slated for closure. >> this is one station here in walnut creek that is slated to close in january. this is after the partial tax failed. here is video of the fire district at work. they stated that they do not have the money in the budget. this means that they will have to slash the budget by closing four stations. they stated that they should save about $3 million by doing this. which ones will be closing? station for4, no. 11, no. 12,
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and no. 16 and lafayette. >> the contra costa fire district is huge and its services nine cities about 600,000 people who live in the area. they get about 41 about the calls a year from the district. so this is a huge deal. the meeting will be today at 1:30 p.m. in martinez. they're encouraging the public to come autumn voice their concerns to the supervisors and we are not sure how much this will do what they're asking people to come out and support them. >> just into kron 4 news room. police are on the scene of what they are calling a sophisticated pot growing operation in the
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south bay. at a home on the 13 block of sandalwood court in san jose. police got to the home just after 3 this morning after the received a call from a neighbor who saw three men going into the home and it's got a robbery was in progress. when the police arrived they found over 300 pot plants valued at zero hundred and $25,000. no one appears to live in the home and police are calling this a sophisticated grow house. we have a crew headed to the sting and will bring you more information as soon as it comes in. >> i ran state tv says that the country's revolutionary guard has captured a u.s. droned after it entered iranian airspace over persian off. i ran is saying that the drone was captured but gave no further details on the location or when the incident occurred. a u.s.
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navy spokesperson says that none of their drones are missing in the middle east so we know it is not from the u.s. navy. i ran claimed all so that it brought down a cia spy drunk. >> a woman in a wheelchair is recovering after she was ran over by a muni train at the and sintersection of church and market street. police are still investigating whether she had leaned forward toward the train, or if she felt off her wheelchair. witnesses say, that the woman was dragged and trapped under the train. if she was rushed to san francisco general hospital suffering life threatening injuries. >> a federal judge is temporarily prohibiting our
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state from enforcing a first of its kind law that bars licensed therapist from working to change the sexual orientation of a miners'. a u.s. district judge ruled last like the first amendment rights of mental health professionals who engaged in " reparative or conversion therapy outweigh concerns that the practice poses a danger to young people. he ban would take affect on january 1st. >> stock prices lost some wall street what will happen today. at 6:45 a.m. we will talk to rob black.
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>> . we are expectant a wild time in san francisco. san francisco's board of supervisors are expected to make its final decision on the citywide ban on newnudity. plenty of people will be on hand today at the supervisors many. many who opposed the ban, plan to strip down during the
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meeting. and it would not be the first time. last month the board initially approved the ban on new reached with a narrow 6 to 5 vote. several people took off their clothes in protest. if the ban is finalized, it would take effect on february 1st. backers of a labor leader f x crawly who lost by 132 votes in his bid for district 7 supervisor will not move for with a recount. they say is simply too expensive. elections director john arntz estimates it will cost roughly $80,000 to manually we count the more than 35,000 ballots cast in the election. every town has never been dozen san francisco instituted ranked joyce boating eight years ago. >> california's pushed to go
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brink across state power customers. a report by little hoover commission show said energy companies are well on their way to meeting their goals to obtain a third of their electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar by 2020. the report concludes californians may wind up paying more than necessary for electricity and the state may unnecessarily degrade preston habitat in its rush to implement is renewable energy goals. >> coming up on kron 4 news we will have more information on the weather. the temperature right now is 51 degrees and it has got a little bit chillier.
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>> it is 64 tame a.m.. :14 a.m. >> the rain will pick up over night and everyone will contend will wet weather just in time for wednesday commute. outside right now we do have cloudy conditions. satellite and
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radar shows that the system a slow moving and that high pressure is changing the track so it is sticking to the north. we are seeing light rain in clover dale. this is right around your rica. this is not the the bay area just yet but i did look at a different model because the one that i erigena forecast it was too dry. you can see that by 3:00 p.m. some light rain will be in the north bay a game. this will be north of the golden gate bridge. this will pick up an intense today by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. kron4 will be on the air on storm track beforer 4. it will be scattered in nature and it will not be as intense as in his the breast of the bay of
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>> 49 degrees for pleasanton. we will not warm-up by much into afternoon. you can inspect up yoexpect upper 50s for--your kron 47 day around the forecast shows the dry weather will return by thursday and overall mild conditions for the weekend. fog will be the story for saturday and we will have a little bit of sunshine as we head into afternoon. >> we are still rolling pretty well and we're not tracking any hot spots. if there is an increase in volume at the bay bridge where the metering lights have been activated. we are
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already in play and it is backed up to the 880 crossing at 14 minutes. the san mateo bridges problem free and 1 01 southbound is this mold ride.a smooth ride. 19 minutes from hercules to berkeley. 680 still looks a good as well as highway 24. livermore through dublin also looks good. the south bay freeway is picking up at 1 01 north bound and i do not believe that this is the beginning of the slow traffic. the north bay ride is still no delays. >> where are watching wall
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street and we are waiting for the opening bell. the stocks lost ground. the s&p dropped an aspect loss. they're all concerned about the upcoming fiscal cliff. u.s. factory productions-- hope seems to be growing dimmer that we will avoid this. >> watching pandora. the internet radio co. will be giving their quarterly numbers. the airports have been shut down and it is a clerical union strike. this is in its second week and the good news is that it is sending--the strike is costing a billion dollars a
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day. we're also watching the oil companies. this year to avoid the tax with the fiscal cliff. >> a warning from the centers for disease control this coming flu season could be a particularly bad one. if you have not got a flu shot, you might want to consider it. dr. randy bergen with kaiser in walnut creek says that the strain of the flu is also more polled net this year which is why everyone over the age of 6 months to get a flu shot. especially those most at risk. many people avoid the flu shot out of fear that it will give them the flu. not true says dr. bergen. >> according to the cdc's
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more than a third of americans have been vaccinated, and the vaccine formulated for this year is well matched to the strands of the virus seems so far. >> the alameda county sheriff's office says that it wants to use drones. this is video of the drones they are talking about. the sheriff's office unveiled them to the public last october saying that the aircraft would be used for search and rescue operations as well as criminal investigations. however, the american civil liberties union is worried that the police could also use the remote controlled aircraft to spy on local residents. but the shares the promises that they have no intention of using the drones in that way. >> we are learning new detail on a man who was
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killed in the south bay as police continue to search for his killer. 66 year-old millionaire venture decapolis raveesh kumra was murdered when a home invasion in the upscale neighborhood of multi sarah reno last friday. police say that kumra was found dead inside his 7000 square foot home by his estranged wife. his wife was the one who called up toward san that the house had been ransacked. the los gatos police department described kumra's killer as a man in his early 20s white or hispanic about 6 ft. tall. >> an oca medical marijuana
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does the necessary has won the first round in his legal fight to stay open and that a federal crackdown. a judge ruled last week that the landlord for harborside health centers cannot evict the stock despite the u.s. attorney's brest to seize the property. but the judge says, because the state law allows nonprofits to distribute medical marijuana the claim does not hold up. another hearing will be held later this month about whether harborside can continue growing and selling marijuana in the building. >> the former commander of a narcotics task force is pleading guilty to stealing drugs from evidence lockers and tried to sell them on the street with the help of a private investigator. norman woe;scj will enter pleas this week to five charges. plea deal documents were filed in federal court
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on monday. he and private investigator christopher and butler were indicted for stealing drugs, operating a moral fell and conducting phony steam operations to rob prostitutes.
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on-li >> bill this morning petaluma firefighters battled a toulon house fire. authorities responded to a house at 10 widthwise on stellar laying in petaluma around 330 this morning. when firefighters arrived house was fully engulfed. the fire has since been contained. if there no reports of injuries and the cause of fires still under
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investigation. authorities said the house is a total loss. >> george's simmons defense team are releasing a picture taken february 26th by police after trayvon martin was shot and killed. you can see the photo here. it shows a man with a bloody face. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the 17 girls death. he says that he was on a neighborhood patrol when martin attacked him and so he shot him in self-defense. zero men's lawyers says that this total supports his store. the trial is putting florida stand your ground lost to the test. zimmerman is expect to go on trial in june. >> facebook users have a week to vote on proposed changes to the social
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network in sight. among the things users will be voting on is the ability to vote on future privacy changes. facebook has also proposed and into public voting on these types of issues, and once the change to how users control locus in the messages. voting is open next monday at noon. facebook has put up a custom voting have power by a third-party come before this vote, and the results will be tallied by an independent auditor. >> coming up on kron 4 will keep our eyes on the dow futures. will have more on wall street as we continue. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank.
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>> republicans are far apart
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on the fiscal cliff talks. where will have more on this coming up. >> now at least in the early morning commute we have been for the most part dry. >> maybe later on tonight, for arrests of the bay area is dry tuesday morning. there are no issues. it is cool and it will remain cool as we head into afternoon. it is really to mar when the modern iran will pick up.tomorre rain will pick up. >> the cool front is around eureka. i will walk you through the timing and what to expect.
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>> chp are checking into a car fire that is on the san mateo bridge. this is the only problem and traffic looks good at the bay bridge and metering lights have been activated. the salmon tell bridge is problem feehigh'd to pick up a little slowing. arrest of the bay area is light. >> things are picking up for meaning. the trend is up and running and all. the power was not bonot doubt. >> let's talk about closures. we have four fire
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stations across contra costa county that will close in early january after voters rejected a measure that would have funded the stations. to get you more news faster we turn to kron 4 as sole reporter jacki sizzle who joins us live from fire station no. 4 and walnut creek. >> contra costa fire district is a huge district and services nine cities and they have about 600,000 people in this district. as you stated before this measure q did not pass and this means that they have a budget shortfall and this means that they have to start shutting down stations and this is expected to start in january. they are having a meeting today. their annual budget is set
6:34 am
at about zero hundred and $2 million. he is that by closing these four stations they stated that they will save about $3 million a year. would stations will be closing? >> the stations the are on the chopping block is the no. 4 on hawthorne drive, no. 11 on center drive, #12 and martinez, and no. 16 and lafayette. this leaves only two stations that will be left. how wilthey stated how was the stations chosen, and it was based on call volumes. it is a big deal to start closing the stations and as i stated that they are having a meeting with the supervisors and martina's at 1:30 p.m..
6:35 am
they're encouraging the public to come out and voice their concerns. >> have you heard what the state of the firefighters at these stations and will they be redistricted or let go? >> this is all part of the talks and they have not decided yet on what will happen to the firefighters. this is still in the works and these closures are not scheduled until january so one of the first meetings are today. >> the latest on the fiscal cliff talks. competing plans from the white house and republicans will talk of compromise. the white house plan raises taxes on any income over $250,000. with 350 billion in cuts to medicare and 200 billion in new stimulus and an infrastructure spending. the republicans counter office has deeper cuts to medicare and reduces the social
6:36 am
security cost of living increase. but it has no tax increases. if it raises revenue through closing tax loopholes and deductions. the white house immediately rejected the republicans' proposal. the president is saying that he would not accept a proposal without a tax increase for wealthier americans. >> the senate has approved president obama stores to be the top commander in afghanistan. lawmakers cleared the way for general joseph dunford, the assistant commanding of the marine corp's, to take over as head of the u.s. coalition forces in afghanistan. done for what replaced general john allen, the current commander who has been --
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>> let's take a live look outside and mount cam. we have some salts and on the horizon we do have some rain that is headed our way and we will have details coming up in a bit.
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the study as today shows the number of terrorist attacks every year has more than quadrupled in the decade since september 11, 2001. the number of annual deaths peak in 2007 during the height of the iraq conflict. it has been falling ever since. this survey reports more than 7000 deaths since 2011, that is 25 percent down from the peak which was in 2007. i rack afghanistan pakistan and yemen are the country's most attack affected by terrorist attack. >> nato foreign ministers are meeting today and tomorrow in brussels in cairo which has been highly supportive of the syrian
6:42 am
opposition. the once those patriots to defend against possible retaliatory is attacked by syrian missiles carrying chemical warheads. nato leaders have repeatedly said they will provide any assistance turkey needs. a major typhoon is causing damage in the philippines. it has knocked out power and suspended in air travel. you can see some of the damage in this video. 33 deaths have been reported from a flash flood so far. more than 40,000 residents have moved to higher ground leaving their homes along the rivers. >> it is 641 and coming up next we're keeping our eye on wall street. the dow was up 32 points and we will talk to rob black about the forces at work this morning. a live luck know we will
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save our live look for when we continue and do some more weather and traffic for you. we will be right back.
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♪ muni metro trains are back up and running this morning after the power outage that through commuters for a loop last night it not only an agreement underground train service last night. full service is resumed this morning. iran's state tv says the country's revolution a revolutionary guard has captured a u.s. drown after it entered the i iranian airspace over the persian gulf. and 80 spokesperson says no drums are missing in the middle east. -- drones traffic is still we have
6:47 am
rain on the way and a few areas to the north are seeing sprinkles. we will talk about when that gets widespread but not a huge storm headed our way today. >> we're watching the dow was at 32 points right now. we have more good news coming up about housing. it seems like all the housing reports have been good for the past two months. >> it is up 6.3%. it was slightly down from september which was expected because of seasonal situation going on. every state is doing pretty good except for illinois delaware new jersey alabama and rhode island. this was the index tied towards realtors. everything that we're seeing is doing quite nicely, very thin inventories in california and arizona. it is a seller's market. any inventory under 6 is a
6:48 am
seller's market and a thing over six is a buyer's market. >> let's talk about or call pushing up their dividends. we have the fiscal cliff at the end of the year and the dividend on capital gains and the interests the taxes go up 15 percent over 20 percent. these companies are pushing up their dividends coming in now but oracle is unique. they're going to pay all of their taxes this year before higher taxes >> i think that is a smart thing to do. 228 companies have said they are pulling the evidence for it. oracle is doing a onetime big fat one because they have to cash in their dividends yield 7.1%. they will
6:49 am
receive 198.1 million getting taxed at 18% which is better than getting taxed at 20% or more. or call accelerated dividends, it is nice to see a smart return on money. as a honor of a company they are taking care of their shareholders. >> but they're really taking care of their cells aren't they? they are the largest shareholders for the most part >> true or false, i don't know. >> they are borrowing three and a half billion dollars to do it. they are borrowing money to pay money to shareholders, does that worry you? >> not me know. it is smart financial engineering. companies like costco will have the caush to pay their
6:50 am
dividends. i have borrowed wonderful i have refinanced three mortgages. is a very very smart thing to do is lower your cost of money what you are paying back the banks. >> we will check back with rob black at 915 >> we have rain and down, good morning erica >> good morning james let's take it to storm tracker 4. we do have some rain on the way it is in ukiah just in the cover their out area right now. that is it on your radar the water view shows cloud cover is a share it with this system. it is a slow mover. we could see some rain in the north bay later on and it could spread its way south later on tonight. shower activity will pick up for the rest of the bay area and to tomorrow morning. take is certainly be a messy one out on the road for a wednesday
6:51 am
morning. 3:00 p.m. still picking up light rain in the north bay at 10:00 p.m. it will stick north of the golden gate bridge. overnight showers will pick up in intensity and the yellow indicates moderate to heavy rain. it looks like it will continue to shift and we will see scattered showers as we head into tomorrow morning. we will see drier conditions just in time for wednesday afternoon. temperatures out the door or upper '40's and concord and pleasanton 54 in san francisco afternoon highs will not warm-up by much. upper 50s low 60s. 59 percent to arouse the 53 expected in oakland. 7 day around the bay shows of dry weather returns on thursday and we will continue to see it mainly sunday skies and mild temperatures as we head into the weekend. big changes as of about and whether the apartment and at 651 a m let's check with george >> we have some concern
6:52 am
about a vehicle fire reported on the richmond center fell ridge and the bridge is now clear. that is the goodness. the bay bridge toll plaza drive times are climbing 16 to 18 minutes 20 minutes of your coming out of the macarthur maze. 880 n san mateo bridge is not looking at any delays, a smooth ride. the golden gate is move across the span. the east bay ride, each store freeway at 20 minutes. 24 is better than usual 680 south no problems a little slowing on 11 northbound with the drive time of 19 minutes of bleeding from monte expressway. the north bay ride is so good one through marin county. no
6:53 am
problems here. sonoma county will be a slower ride coming through the tiny graves we are ready getting reports of heavier traffic there. >> 6:52 a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes. after the news don't forget to watch dr. phil at 10:00 this morning as well as for in the afternoon at kron4. [ male announcer ] steak combos. featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler.
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is by kodok exists and often comes in first. san francisco a segment in seattle vancouver and new york city. coming in six is washington d.c. toronto's chicago lost angeles and running out the top 10 as montreal. we posted this list on the kron4 news facebook page. in response to it says it chicago should not be on the list or at least be last. at the road and sang pretty surprising results. montreal should be before and ballet. what are your thoughts about the city? tell us what you think on the kron4 news facebook page. >> the man who gave america a free talk and talk about by stealing a base in the world series will stay a stamp and cisco giant. a 40
6:58 am
year 40 million contract for year 40 million contract they celebrate with a $270 a bottle of tappan juror. marco scutaro is the latest key free agent who has not re-signed yet. >> will have updates for you in the next ouour watching muni s.i. of relief this morning. in the 5:00 hour they've restored all muni service. we will have the latest on the new service coming up. some bay area fire stations closing their doors next year after voters rejected a measure that would have kept them open. will the know
6:59 am
about how resources could be affected fighting fires coming up. a beautiful looking view from mt. tam right now with the clouds are gathering. the next storm about to roll and and erica kato will have the timing of the rain coming up when kron4 returns in just a few minutes.